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超文本传送协议 (HTTP-Hypertext transfer protocol) 定义了浏览器(即万维网客户进程)怎样向万维网服务器请求万维网文档,以及服务器怎样把文档传送给浏览器。 详情发展简史 - 万维网的工作过 - 协议 - 全部爱上电影网

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An extension mechanism for HTTP designed to address the tension between private agreement and public specification and to accommodate extension of HTTP clients and serv

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哪里可以看黄|哪里有A 片看|哪里有黄色网站 http 协议 学习系列 1. 基础概念篇 1.1 介绍 HTTP 是Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (超文本传输协议)的缩写。它的发展是万维网协会( World Wide Web Consortium )和Internet 工

The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain anopen-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX andWindows NT. The goal of this